Latest News

July 27, 2005: Released version 0.3.4. This release adds xhtml compliant output to the cgi interface. See the release notes for listing of user visible changes.

January 20, 2005: Released version 0.3.2. This is a bug fix release.

August 18, 2004: Released version 0.3.0. This version is a major update which has implemented many new key features including support for multiple accounting chains, dhcp, and traffic reports between arbitrary dates.


IPTrafficVolume is a simple network traffic volume logging tool which uses linux kernel iptables to count incoming and outgoing iptraffic volume (i.e. total number of bytes) through your network devices. It is highly configurable as to what kind of traffic is counted and can log total traffic, traffic for individual services to and from specific ports, and/or traffic to and from specific hosts, domains, ip-addresses, or groups of ports and addresses. Data is logged in a simple directory structure, so you do not need a database to use iptrafficvolume.

Traffic volume statistics can be displayed on a webserver using the attractive cgi-interface shipped with iptrafficvolume or can be dumped to the console in plain formatted ascii using the command-line utility.

Useful because many other ip traffic tools only show current throughput information while some people want to see total traffic volume, e.g. if you have a volume rate with your isp, or want to monitor the traffic of a particular service.

IPTrafficVolume is licensed under the GPL.